Useful information about Prague

In addition to being a wonderful and romantic city it is also relatively economical. Of course, merchants sometimes seek to take advantage of tourists. Read this page so you do not find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Page last updated: June, 2024.

“All inclusive” ticket: Prague Card

In Prague there is a ticket that includes:

  • The use of all means of transport (and the bus from the airport);
  • Free admission to about 50 tourist places;
  • Discounts up to 50% in many popular places;
  • Free brochure where the attractions of Prague are described in 7 languages.

Read more information on prices on the Prague Card website.

Prague Cards for students and adults for 3 days, Czech Republic
Prague Cards for students and adults for 3 days
Free Prague guide book in 7 languages, Czech Republic
Free Prague guide book in 7 languages

How to reach the city center of Prague from the airport

Subway map, Prague, Czech Republic
Subway map

A taxi in Prague is expensive (over 25 euro), but it is not essential: in fact, there are two other options.

1. Public transport: the cheapest option. You can buy a ticket which lasts 90 minutes (valid on any means of transport including changes) for 32 CZK / €1.20 / $1.30 at the desk at the airport. It is located on the left at the entrance into the main hall from the luggage collection area. There is a bus stop near the airport for the bus number 119 that runs every 5 minutes and will take you to the Metro A line. So, you don't get lost, create the route to the hotel on Google maps!

2. Private Transfer (more economical than a taxi, but must be booked online). They will meet you and take you directly to the hotel. This service costs 11 euro for just one person, 17 euro for two, 19 euro for three, which means the more people there are, the less you spend per person. More information on Prague Transfers (they also offer a private tour in Prague).

We would not recommend the Airport Express Bus! It runs every half hour and goes to the central station, where chaos reigns and it is easy to get lost. Furthermore, the area near the station is not the best for tourists.

Breakfast in Prague

There are many Starbucks and Costa Coffee here, but the prices are high compared to the local places. We recommend that you visit the local bars/cafes where breakfasts are delicious and cost less!

Czech breakfast: tea with sweet, Prague, Czech Republic
Czech breakfast: tea with sweet
Czech breakfast: scrambled eggs with scallions, Prague, Czech Republic
Czech breakfast: scrambled eggs with scallions

How to avoid being cheated by merchants

Everyone wants to try the local food. Most tourists head to the center of Prague to buy food at the street stalls. The price list seems good when you look at it. For example, a hot-dog with local salami costs 60 CZK / €2.20 / $2.40, but then they will certainly suggest you also add a couple of small sausages, at which point you should refuse or ask the price, otherwise the cost can rise to 250 CZK / €9.20 / $9.80. The local dumplings with meat (halušky) cost 50 CZK / €1.80 / $2 per 100 grams. When you order, you should specify that you want no more than 200 grams otherwise they will serve you half a kilo and the cost goes up to at least 250 CZK / €9.20 / $9.80. Always be careful with the street hawkers and calculate how much you should be paying.

Hot dogs with Prague and old Prague sausages, Czech Republic
Hot dogs with Prague and old Prague sausages
Local dumplings with meat, Prague, Czech Republic
Local dumplings with meat

Location of the hotel

It is important to choose a hotel in Prague which is conveniently close to a metro station or a tram stop. That way you can move quickly around the city. Enter the parameters on the hotel search page and look at the options offered in the various districts of the city of Prague as well as the comments and find the location on the map.

There is more information here: “How to choose your hotel”.

Alchymist Castle Suites, Czech Republic

Alchymist Castle Suites

Price: medium.
More information

Residence Agnes, Czech Republic

Residence Agnes

Price: affordable.
More information

Savic Hotel, Czech Republic

Savic Hotel

Price: low.
More information

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